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Cedar Rapids Chess Club is a comedy about nerdy guys. The first half hour is based on a one-act play written by Sarah Mirk and the story going forward is a blank canvas. Arthur Smid began his career in visual storytelling as a comic book artist and has four books for children. He made a short documentary for The Children's Center at Portland State University and did camera and editing for His contributions to nonprofit organizations include video for Oregon Disability Sports and Drive Oregon. He has written about Portland, Oregon for and stays active with social media as the communications officer of Bear Trust International. Sarah Mirk has worked as a professional journalist since 2006, most recently as a reporter and sexual politics columnist for the Portland Mercury. In 2013 she became the online editor for Bitch Media. Sarah also edits a series of nonfiction comics about Oregon History. She is the author of Sex From Scratch, a book about nontraditional relationships to be published in spring of 2014 by Microcosm Publishing (Portland, Oregon).