Dug Martell is an actor, director, and freelance theater technician. The founder and artistic director of Contagious Theater, Dug starred in and directed their 2011 production of Sam Shepard's Tooth of Crime (Second Dance). Beginning with Hot Gun (2010), Dug has been the lighting designer for Portland dance company, Trip The Dark. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Performance from Portland State University (2009). A student of Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu from 2009 to present, Dug will test for his blue belt on February 9th, 2013. He also plays three characters and a cat puppet in the stage production of Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves from Outer Space (ScreenWorks Ink, 2013).

Sean Finucane is a Portland-area actor who lives in Washougal, Washington. His first appearance on screen was as Young Ethan Ray in The Devil Knows His Own (2012) directed by Jason Hawkins. A singer and member of the Portland Boychoir, he has performed with Portland Opera in productions of Hansel and Gretel (2010) and Turandot (2011). And he played Kurt VonTrapp in the Mountain View High School production of The Sound of Music (2009).

Andrew Firmin is a 7th grader at Lake Oswego Junior High School (LOJHS). His performances at the Multnomah Arts Center include Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein (2011), Quince in A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011), and Monks in Oliver Twist (2012). He was a young Harry Potter in the LOJHS spoof, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Marshmallows" (2011). Andrew plays the french horn and has studied improv at Oregon Children's Theatre.

Josh Belville is an actor and playwright from Idaho who moved to Portland in 2008. Currently enrolled at Portland State University, he will graduate with a Master of Science in Theater Arts this year. He earned his bachelor's degree in theater from Boise State University and several of his plays were performed at the Danny Peterson Theater in Boise, including Save vs. Nerd (2004), The Man from Spermacide-9 (2005), and Arthur Gets a Date (2006). He recently performed as the Duke of Venice in Portland State University's production of Othello (2012). He is a quick wit on Twitter @joshbelville and can also be found at www.joshbelville.com.

Ethan Harmon is a 5th grader in the Spanish Immersion program at Beach School in Portland. He has appeared as Harold in "I’ll Wait for You" (2007), a student film directed by Chris Herman from Laika Studios; Tortured Child in "Snip & Snap" (2010), with tiny mini films for the 48 Hour Film Festival; and a zombie film short, "The Ruining of the World" (2011), that he wrote for his 9th birthday party. Most recently, he emceed for his school’s performance night, performed with the Beach School improvisational comedy group, and wrote and starred in his 4th grade school play, "The Random Adventure" (2012).